The company

With the elements that nature offers us we transform your idea into reality.

The Natural Research  is a company that manages manufacturing and packaging contract in relation to Dietary Supplements and special foods for the Pharmaceutical amd Parapharmaceutical industry, Herbal , Salutariness and Food .

Our business was born in 2012, in Canosa di Puglia, thanks to an European call for innovative start-ups. In the same year, the European Community and the Ministry of Health defined a new legislation dedicated exclusively to the Food Supplements sector. This new definition of the ” Nutraceuticals ” sector has imposed new quality and regulatory standards for the Food Supplements Production Plants, a dedicated National Register has been established and a Ministerial Production Authorization has become mandatory for companies, which is issued by the Regions to which they belong. .

In 2013  Natural Research was the first Apulian company to receive the Ministerial Authorization for the production of food supplements. The high production standards adopted have allowed our factory to obtain the GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice certification .

We currently produce more than 80  products. Our customer portfolio includes more than 100 companies, with both national and international distribution. In addition to Eastern Europe, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Russia, our products are distributed in various Northern European countries such as England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France.

In 2018 a collaboration was born with an international distribution , which operates in the African and Asian market .

Our MISSION is to take care of our customers and their products, which is why we only use certified Italian and European suppliers.

The raw materials used and the high production standards we adopt have allowed us to obtain the Organic Certification and the GMP Certification .


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